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Support BUMMP

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Support BUMMP by offering mentorship or donating to our organization to fund our events and scholarships for our students.


Please reach out to if you have any questions or if you would like to donate by check or direct deposit. 

Please direct gifts to the UC San Diego Foundation (Tax ID: 95-2872494) in support of the fully expendable fund entitled the Biology Undergraduate and Masters' Mentorship Program (BUMMP) (E6951)

BUMMP aims to provide a wealth of resources for our mentees including: 


Through our mentorship program, we provide our mentees with the space to receive assistance with career planning as well as to network with people from diverse backgrounds in science.  

Research FUNDING

The BUMMP Research Apprenticeship Program (BRAP) will provides research scholarships to a handful of undergraduate and master's students each year. This compensation allows students to gain hands-on research experience without additional financial strain being placed on them. 

Bi-quarterly Events

These events include inspirational talks from biologists, professional development workshops, and fun nights of networking and fellowship.  

Annual Symposium

Mentees that are active in research will be able to showcase their work through talks and poster presentations. 

Distribution of donated funds:

With additional funding, more students will have the opportunity to participate in the groundbreaking research being conducted in San Diego and operational costs of BUMMP can be covered. We hope that you will consider supporting this endeavor. A portion of the funds will be used for hosting events and compensation of graduate student mentors.


Current Support

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