BUMMP Research Apprenticeship Program (BRAP)


The BUMMP Research Apprenticeship Program (BRAP) was designed to support low-income, first generation college students, and students from groups underrepresented in graduate education that are interested in pursuing research during the academic year. We are excited to welcome the first members of our apprenticeship program in Winter 2021. 

The Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to expose students to cutting-edge research in labs under the guidance of a principal investigator. Applicants can be of any class standing and of any citizenship status. Students who receive a BUMMP quarterly scholarship will receive a scholarship of $1,500, disbursed through the financial aid office.


  • Must self-declare the following:

a) URM, LGBTQ+ and/or disability status as defined by the NIH

b) First-generation college status

c) Low income background

  • Be registered as a UC San Diego student while participating in the BUMMP program. Click here for more information on how to register for the BUMMP program.

  • You will be *required* to submit a summary of your project (a paper, poster presentation, oral presentation, or creative product) by the end of the academic year in which you receive your scholarship. ​

  • Be able to commit at least 10-12 hours a week to research-related activities during the quarter of participation.

  • Students must identify a faculty member who will guide them in their research. If you do not have a research advisor, please reach out to us for help in identifying a research lab. 

  • All current UC San Diego undergraduates will be enrolled full-time in the quarter they are applying to receive an award

  • There is a particular emphasis on serving students who face financial obstacles in pursuing research opportunities.

  • Students who have not received BUMMP funding before will be prioritized

Winter 2022

Application opens:

Application closes:

Faculty Support

As part of the application, you must have a letter of faculty support from the faculty member that you will be doing research with. ​The faculty support letter can be downloaded here: 

Interested in Hiring a BUMMP Student?

BUMMP is looking for labs that are interested in hiring undergraduate researchers. The BUMMP program has over 150 undergraduate and master's student mentees, many of which are interested in gaining hands-on experience in research. We are looking for labs that are interested in hiring BUMMP students. If you are open to students contacting you to learn more about possible research positions in your lab, please fill out the following form. 

UCSD Competencies 

Through BRAP, students will gain tangible skills that will set them up for success in a research career. A few of the UCSD competencies (determined by UCSD Engaged Learning Tools) that the student will work on as an apprentice are:

Research Ability

Through BRAP students will gain a holistic research experience: students will lead their own research project and communicate their findings through a deliverable due at the end of the year. 

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

By leading an independent project, students will learn to identify open questions to pursue and develop experiments that will address those questions.

Career Development

By participating in research, students will gain hands-on experience in the lab and learn transferable skills and techniques. BUMMP events will also prepare students for their transition from their undergraduate or master's degree.